Hollow Pins

Hollow Pins

We come across a lot of objects in our day-to-day life. One such object is our charging plugs. It contains pins that we plug in our circuit board to charge our phones. From plugs for our micro-oven to plugs for our fridge, we find these hollow pins in our plugs of every electronic object that we come across.

For a normal person in our daily lives, we might not realise the importance of these little things but they play a vital role in our everyday lives. A high-quality charging pin is desired by everyone for all kinds of electronic gadgets.

The Leading Manufacturers of Hollow Pins to Suit all Your Requirements

When it comes to electronic gadgets, it is very important that quality is the top priority. A good quality electronic product lasts long. Gadgets that have bad quality pins in their plugs give a hard time to the user. It is highly undesirable and hence, should not be incorporated in good products.

If you are someone who desires quality, you should only trust the hollow pins manufactured by Paramount Product. The products are of the best quality and will help you produce the best gadgets. Electronic gadgets knead the finest parts to make it perfect.

List of Hollow Pins by Paramount Products

Paramount comes with a series of high-quality products that are available in a huge variety. They produce the best pins for plugs in different sizes for all purposes. Given below are the list of the various hollow pins manufactured by Paramount Products:

  • 2 Pin Insert Crimping Type 16.1 Pin
  • 2 Pin Insert Crimping Type 19.1 mm
  • 3 Pin Insert 10 AMP
  • 3 Pin Insert Crimping Type 16.1 AMP
  • Hollow Pin Crimping 5 MM, 7 MM, 15 MM
  • Hollow Pin Molding Type 5 AMP, 10 AMP, 15 AMP
  • 5.08 Charging Pin Adaptor Pin 26.5 MM
  • 5.05 MM Charging Pin Adaptor Pin 29 MM

Trust Paramount and you will never be disappointed

Paramount Products is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of plugs, connectors, and Jack’s that come in several shapes and sizes. They have everything in store for you. From the hollow pin to the pin cabinet, you will find everything in one place. Hollow pins should only be manufactured under the supervision of highly professional workers which is why Paramount will offer you the best products.

Contact Paramount Products and get the best of the hollow pins.

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