Micro USB Connectors

Micro USB Connectors

The One-Stop-Shop for the Finest Micro USB Cables

In the electronic industry, several products are highly in demand. Without these products, it is almost impossible to come up with a properly working electronic gadget. Micro USB cables are one such product that is used to plug in several devices. Micro USB connectors are metal connectors that slide into ports and step put inside them to establish a strong connection. 

These connectors are an essential part of an electronic device and should be of good quality. Paramount Products is the best when it comes to providing various electronic products. They manufacture a wide range of products that includes USB connectors, pin sockets, RCA connectors, etc. Their high-quality products are on par with the industry standards and give the best experience to the user. Integrating their products with your device will bear the highest-quality electronic devices.

Why choose Paramount Products?

Paramount Products are the leading and trusted supplier and manufacturer of high-quality products that are highly demanded in the market. Their products are durable, corrosion-resistant and have accurate dimensions. The Micro USB connectors have a fine finish. It has a slim and flexible body that is available in various shapes and sizes.

The entire manufacturing process is done under the supervision of their highly skilled professionals who ensure that every step of the process is conducted perfectly. Their products are made from raw materials of the best quality.

Wide Range of USB Connectors by Paramount Products

Paramount Products provides a wide variety of Micro USB connectors that are available in different forms. Some of the main products by Paramount Products are listed below.

  • Micro LED Lighting
  • Micro USB 1.5 Amp 2 Pin Black
  • Micro USB 1.5 Amp 2 Pin Green
  • Micro USB 1.5 Amp 4 Pin Green
  • Micro USB Gold Plated 4 Pin
  • Micro USB 1.5 AMP Black
  • Micro USB 1.7 Amp 4 Pin Black
  • Micro USB 1.5 Amp 2 Pin Blue
  • Micro USB 1.5 Amp 4 Pin Purple
  • Micro USB 1.7 Amp 2 Pin Blue
  • Micro USB AA Cut Black

The Micro USB connector is one of the most common connecting and charging standards for several devices. It has a fine metal body containing thin grooves and raised bumps on the other side to firmly playset inside while plugging in. Devices such as headphones, smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, wireless mouses or keyboards, power banks and many more contain Micro USB connector support.

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