65 Watt Type C Connectors

The iPhone type C connector is a new type of connector that is being introduced by Apple with their new iPhone models. The connector is reversible, so that you can use it either way around. The connector is also reversible in terms of the pins, so that you can use either the Lightning or USB Type C cables that are currently available.

The connector has a number of benefits over the traditional connector on the iPhone. Firstly, it is reversible, so that you can use either the Lightning or USB Type C cables that are currently available. Secondly, it is much smaller than the traditional connector, so that it will fit more easily into the ports on the new iPhone models.

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It is of utmost importance to buy electronic appliances and products from trusted manufacturers and sellers in today’s global market. With an elevation of fake products, it has become extremely convenient for frauds to trick customers into buying their products. This is the reason why one should always crosscheck their purchases and buy products only from reliable sources. Paramount Connectors offer one of the best genuine products in the market.

What Paramount Connectors Have to Offer

Paramount’s products rank among the most genuine and trusted appliances among a wide range of customers. Their brand has been serving clients since 1962 with high-quality products. Their products are specialized to suit individual client requirements for various industries. Customer satisfaction being of utmost priority, their products are available in different specifications, which can be customized as desired for their clients. They offer a huge variety of connectors, plugs, and a wide range of jacks like five-pin connectors, HDMI connectors, headphone connectors, headphone plugs, stereo pin, 65 watt type C connectors, and a lot more.

Why Should You Go With Paramount Connectors

Experts and skilled professionals develop the products after extensive research and developmental work. Paramount is well equipped with the latest technology, sound infrastructure, and modern machinery, making it convenient to produce the best quality products. It also earns customer reliability. Their skilled specialists handle all complex manufacturing processes, and Paramount never compromises on the ingenuity and quality of their products.

Paramount Products

Paramount products are one of the best in the game. Their connectors are 100% genuine and manufactured to be compatible with all your electronics.

For example, 65 watt type C connectors for iPhones were recently modified. Paramount connectors took upon it and launched their type C connectors for iPhones. They are compatible with both phones and tablets. They ensure high-speed transmission and can be used to convert any USB-A ports to USB C ports. Paramount professionals ensure high durability as each product is made with utmost precision and offers stable performance.

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